MTC kara kon'nichiwa!
I had a cool experience this week, one of my senseis was trying to figure something out and walked up to me in the hall and we had a full conversation in Nihongo.  Obviously he said a lot more but when we were done and he walked off casually it hit me. "I just completely spoke Japanese?!?!?"  One of our leaders talked about how the MTC and missionaries is evidence of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  The church is the true church just by the evidence of the gift of tongues.  No where else in the world, except maybe the UN, will have this many people speaking different languages.  If you go to any LDS church lots of people are bilingual.  Its evidence of the truthfulness.  D and C 90:11.  Sorry that there's not much to say.  I sit in a classroom all day and listen to Japanese. That's what I do haha.  If you want to know what I'm doing just look at the picture of me in the box and there it is haha.  I go outside to study sometimes though.  Its cold!! Its nice though.  My jacket works perfectly.  Its so dry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm about to have to buy more chap stick.  My face is dry and my hands have cuts in them just from cracking.  Its actually bled haha.  Tokyo's humidity will be a relief. Another thing that is cool is the Japanese people (Nihonjin).  They are only here for two weeks till they go to their missions in Nihon, but talking to them is good practice.  They are so good at English and we talked like kids in Nihongo.  They laugh but are helpful.

I'm studying a lot harder now.  I have a better study plan.  Its still stressful though because I wont be able to get it all done but it's ok.  Ill learn more in a week in Tokyo than I have here.  All the other languages are here for 6 weeks and I'm here for 9.  We need it though because in Japanese there is ZERO relation to English haha.  I know it will come though.  There's people in Tokyo who want to hear the Gospel and can be on their way to the same happiness we have.  Ai shite imasu!!!!!!!!
Studying in the cold Utah afternoon.

Here is one of the Japanese Elders - he's awesome and I need a haircut.
My District - Can you feel the Powa!?