Kon'nichiwa Family and Friends!
This is my last official post from the MTC! My Japanese is coming along great although it is still very hard but I am picking it up.  I've done choir every week.  Its great.  I really feel the Spirit even though I cant sing to save my life haha.  I actually sing better in Japanese I think haha.   The Tuesday speaker was Dallin H. oaks.  It was amazing just knowing that he has the same calling as new testament apostles!!  It was awesome.  He just talked about the Atonement.  Nothing new that we don't know.  He is just called to tell people about it just like us missionaries.  HE is an apostle though and hearing him testify of Christ just lifted me up.  I cant wait to tell Japanese about Iesu Kirisuto no Aganai - Jesus Christ's Atonement. 
It was cool  the other day, a Asian Korean teacher was in our hallway.  I taught him so Japanese.  Kind of weird teaching Japanese to an Asian person haha.  I cant wait to teach English in Japan.  I guess in Japan all the churches have ping pong!?!?   so when I get back I'm going  to be pretty good at it haha.  Apparently the missionaries play that a lot.  We'll see I guess.  We did the Skype TRC again.  WE got the same lady.  It was cool because I improved so much since the last  time we talked so I was able to communicate with her a lot better.  The gift of tongues is so real.  It really is.  One of the elders in my room go a family on Skype and the most adorable Japanese 4 year old was there.  She made fun of the elders Japanese in this super high pitched voice.  Our lady told us in Tokyo there was a typhoon.  THat was sad and we prayed for them.  We don't know anything that is going on outside of the MTC.  I realized it after that.  Literally nothing.  It's ok though haha.  Thanks to all of you!!  When we practice teaching as random people I always use you as my characters.  So ill be Garrett-san, or Landon-san.  Then I try to incorporate your personality.  Pretty fun.  The Japanese word for role-play is mogi.  The other day I literally couldn't remember the English word.  I kept saying mogi and it took a minute to figure it out.  It was cool.
I love you all so much.  Keep praying and reading the scriptures.  It is so important.  My Japanese is improving but I'm just going to have get used to not understanding for awhile.  Native speakers are just so fast.  I can understand our teachers but the Japanese Missionaries is a little different story haha.  They are so cool though!  I love my senseis.  They all love Japanese.  tonight i get my Japanese nametag!!!! oh yeah, i think my name is going to be Purokutaa.  (Poorohkuutaa)  So funny because we all have been excited to find out what our new names will be haha.  Seriously, imagine wanting to know what your going to be called for 22 months haha.  Its exciting.  I love you all. 
Proctor Choro.
I met these two Japanese Elders this week, they are awesome!