Kon'nichiwa from my first area, Sanjō City: 
I had a busy week to say the least! We made the MTC to Japan transition on Monday and Tuesday. Then spent a couple of days at the Mission Home in Tokyo for orientation and to get our first areas and companions. My first area is in the northern part of Japan about 2 hours regular travel but 5 hours using the transportation system.
So the plane ride was crazy long.  Took forever and all the windows were shut so we just sat in a room for 12 hours.  I sat next to all Japanese people.  all the missionaries were in the back except for me.  I talked to the man next to me about how important this was even though I missed my family.  I introduced Christ and the Book of Mormon to him and actually gave him a pass along card. The man told me thanks on the plane then after in the airport he came up again.  I'll never know what happened but yea it was awesome.  So the first time in Tokyo was awesome.  I could see the sky tree in the distance.  So cool.  Then we went to the mission home and stayed in the church so for two days it didn't really feel like Japan.  Then we got assigned.  I got assigned to Sanjo where I now live.  Sanjo is five hours from Tokyo.  We winded through the streets in Tokyo to a bus, rode a train before and it was just hectic.  No idea what to do.  Just followed our Japanese leader missionaries.  I ended up in Sanjo though so that's good.  Stressful day though.  I'm now settled in.  The first day I met a less active.  This is not the language I learned at the MTC. I can barely understand some things. Sometimes. Ugh! It'll get better though.  Just frustrating now.  Saturday I taught my first lesson but the man wanted to speak English so yea haha.  Went to McDonalds one day.  It was the same.  I tried to buy my bike but they don't have any my size!!! Soooo funny.  So we ordered a bigger one that hopefully I can get  on Friday or Thursday.  The milk here tastes weird.  We need groceries and were about to go do that.  First sacrament meeting was good because I could understand more.  Still can't understand hardly anything though.  After church I went to a elderly home and we did service.  These little kids sang and we made this fishing game for the kids and elderly.  One old lady caught a fish, cried with joy and said that was so fun.  Talk about a joyful heart wrenching experience.  The kids are adorable.  We tracked last night and are meeting with a lady on Tuesday.  Wooh.  Language is hard but I'm trying.  Prayer is real.  I love it.  I need it. 
Thanks for all your prayers and support. Please write me at the address from this blog as I always love to hear about how everyone is doing.
Until next week: 
My Companion talking with the children. Their outfits are sooo Japanese.

Me with my awesome Mission President and his wonderful wife.

My MTC group was apparently the largest ever so far, 36 Elders and Sisters