It's awesome learning Japanese.  Its funny though because I can have a complete conversation about the Gospel in Japanese but everyday stuff I can't as much.  I guess the Gospel is a little more important though.  This is going to be a jumbled letter so bear with me.  Something funny I learned is that the word for visit and excommunicate are almost the exact same so you have to be careful.  If you say I like to visit members it can come out as I like to excommunicate members. I can teach lessons in Nihongo. Nihongo is Japanese.  I'm used to hearing it that way.  My Nihongo is steadily improving.  The grammar is all backwards compared to English.  Its nice though because there are no exceptions.
I got Happy Birthday sung to me in the cafeteria.  It was really loud, but it was actually comforting for me.  I also was told Happy Birthday about a million time.  Most of the time in languages I didn't understand.  Its because my companion is kind of a goofball.  He's such a nice guy who helps me all day but he is a goofball.  He wrote on a paper that it was his companions birthday and walked behind me all day.  Every time someone would walk by he would flip it out thinking I didn't know and the missionaries would say happy Birthday.  He's a nice choro (elder).
I really appreciated all of the letters everyone sent on my birthday. There were so many and I figured my mom put something up on her Facebook to get such a reaction. I thank all of you for your support and prayers.
It was fun getting the new Kohai.  they don't know any Nihongo haha.  They say some funny stuff that just doesn't make sense.  I'm a Senpai now.  It's crazy!!! I sing better in Nihongo than English haha.  I think its because I'm more focused on reading in Nihongo so I don't hear myself.  WE have a district of all Chorotachi.(Elders).  WE sound awful at singing most of the time. Just like in Priesthood.  our branch is pretty much Chorotachi too so I'm not seeing this whole thing that there are more Shimai, (Sisters), than elders at the MTC. That's what everyone said before I left but I don't see it. It seems like there is way more elders than shimai.
Thank you again for all of your support. My email is mason.proctor@myldsmail.net so if anyone wants to shoot me a letter you can do it through that address.
Me and My Awesome Companion - Elder Leaver
Heading to the laundry