Good Week!

We had a really interesting week this past week. So on Monday at night the BYU Symphony performed in Tokyo and all the missionaries got free tickets to go with their investigators. It was super cool. I will send pictures. It was great to see what great influence our church members have. They sang a little bit at the end and sung of course about Jesus Christ. So cool to see them doing their best to share the Gospel too. They were super good. So that was fun.
On Tuesday we rode our bikes a ton. We went to a farther area in our area and it was interesting. Probably the funniest thing this week was as  I was walking  I saw a big thing of trash on the ground. A huge candy wrapper. I thought, "I'll be a good missionary and clean up the trash". (In Japan there are no trash cans ANYWHERE so if you pick up trash you have to carry it all the way home.) I did it though and as I picked it up, it was completely full?!?! Tons of chocolate. It was super late  and raining, there was no one walking around, so I couldn't really give it to the owner, so we all shared it. Super cool to see the tender mercies of the Lord. The next day we found 1000 yen(10 dollars) on the ground. We took it to the police station. I am expecting to get a car next. Slowly going up in the things I find :P
M*** is doing great. He came to church yesterday for the 2nd time. He really wants the guidance from God in his life. I gave a talk yesterday and it went well. I was super nervous because last time I only had 5 minutes to prepare, so I just went up there and said a bunch of stuff I have said a million times in lessons and it was fine. But this time I prepared more ideas and stuff so I had never practiced. It went really well though and it was the best one I've done yet. I was happy:) I talked about becoming a good example. We need to choose our examples correctly. Too many people trust the thing they read about Mormons on the interenet, even though it was written by people antagonistic towards the church. Or they trust their "friend" at school, even though that friend is only 15 years old. We trust the celebrities even though we have no clue who they are. We really need to trust our parents. Also our church leaders. Trust people who deserve to be trusted.
I had sushi again this week. I am starting to feel the pressure of returning home, so I am eating as much sushi as I can before  I return to America. I am going to miss the food here, but I can't lie, I am looking forward to the good food in America - haha. I am really enjoying Kamagaya still. We have transfers in two weeks again so I will probably transfer to my last area for my last 12 weeks. Crazy how fast time has flown by. Thanks for being such a great family. I love you all so much. If you ever have questions about Japan or missionary work or anything, just ask! I love you!

Elder Proctor
My Awesome Mission President and His Lovely Wife - The Budges
They finish their mission this last transfer - They are wonderful!