Can't wait to SKYPE this week!!!!

So things with S***** are good, but still just trying to help him with his job. It's pretty cool though, the bishops wife said she has a job he could have that is better pay and hours and everything so we are going to talk to him about htat. God really does help those that seek after Him.
M*** came to church for the first time yesterday. He can't come every week because he goes to an English class on Sunday, but we told all of the members that can speak English to speak English to him during church so he knows that our church is a way better resource for English. It worked! They pounced on him and spoke only English- haha. He had a great experience and it was a really good fast Sunday. I bore my testimony in Sacrament about how much I loved the ward and the work, and the gospel. It went well and it was a really cool experience to look back at the first time I gave a talk in Sanjo, and I could barely get my words out and I had to plan a ton, and then yesterday, I was able to just speak what was in my heart. Missions really do change you. I think that is a really big thing I learned yesterday too.
A member and his son bore their testimony. The dad was saying how he really wants his son to serve a mission, get married and all that good stuff and I thought of mom and dad wanting that for us too. It's so cool to see how everyone is in different stages of their lives, but God is always there, helping no matter how far you are into life. Thank you mom and dad for getting me out here. It really is the best thing to do.
It is getting hot now. I am kind of just dealing with it. I'm better at dealing with uncomfortable things now. It sure is hot though - haha we just ride bikes in the heat all day, but it is fun and worth it. We are finding lots of people and enjoying the work. The other Elders have an investigator who should be baptized this month too, along with our two, so it could be three in Kamagaya this month. Now I know why no missionary in Kamagaya transfered. God saw what was coming. I love you all. See you next week!!!:)))) I love you!! I will pray for Grandpa Bob too. I hope he is ok. Please pray for him. Let him know I am praying too.

Elder Proctor

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Pretty Japanese Flowers

Lunch with M*** our friend who is learning about Christ

Whole park filled with these pink flowers

Our ward had a picnic there.