Another Week:

Skype was so much fun! Thank you all so much. It felt so good to see all of you and to know that I still have the coolest family ever. You guys are great. Sorry that we can't talk all that I want, but we got some stuff out I guess. It was kind of frustrating because it was so laggy at some pints, but it was great. I love you all so much and the next time we talk there is no limit!! WOOH!! I can't tell you all the stories I have been saving. I have some goooooood ones:)
So, this week was honestly a little bit slower. Our two progressing investigators were kind of hard to meet and are still kind of in the same place but still doing well. But I do have two cool stories. First about H****. I found him about 3 months ago at a train station. He is now going to be baptized in Chiba! My old area. He is doing super well. So that's awesome. Next is something that is proabbly one of my favorite experiences. Two weeks ago we played ping pong with M**** and randomly at 2 in the afternoon, a 15 year old youth, T****, shows up at the church. He came and played with us. he was just riding his bike around I guess. So we played and then did the lesson. During the lesson I felt nervous, because I didn't know what he would say, but I asked T**** if he had ever felt the Spirit in his life. He sat for a second and said, "I can't say I have felt it strong.......but, I have had impressions that I should do something, I did it, then I look back and realize it helped me a lot and that was the spirit." So he said that and that was great. But yesterday we went to Young Mens and he was in there. We were talking about Testimonies and he was asked three questions. Do you have a testimony? He said yes. Then the next question was: How did you get it? He said, "When I was in the missionaries lesson the other day, I got my testimony." Isn't that amazing!?!??!?!!!!! But it gets better, then the next question is how is this going to help you as a priesthood holder. He then said, "Having a testimony now is going to get me ready for a full time mission." Isn't that the best thing ever. He literally will remember our lesson for the rest of his life. He gained his testimony there. His first thought that I have a testimony was there. I am so thankful for these experiences. This is why you go on a mission. He is going to effect people for the rest of his life. I love being a missionary. That was so amazing.

This is a random funny quote from a talk, it is true....

"At times, the Lord needs a little help to assist some as to the
validity of this truth. I recall when I served as chairman of the
Church Missionary Committee that I received a telephone call from a
member of the presidency of the Missionary Training Center at Provo,
Utah. He advised that a particular young man called to a
Spanish-speaking mission was having difficulty applying himself to his
language study and had declared, "I'll never can learn Spanish!" The
leader asked, "What do you recommend we do?"
      I thought for a moment, then suggested, "Place him tomorrow as
an observer in a class of missionaries struggling to learn Japanese,
and then advise me his reaction."
      My caller responded within 24 hours with the report, "The
missionary was only in the Japanese language class one-half day when
he called me and excitedly said, "Place me back in the Spanish class!"
"I know I can learn that language." "And he did."

I love you!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!

Elder Proctor

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Young Men's Lesson on Sunday