Skype Week Mother's Day!!!!

So its obvious we are skyping in less than an hour and that is going to be a blast. I am so excited, i am anxious and dying right now. I cant wait to see you all. Please hae some questions ready and i am just really excited to talk to you all. Elder Tsuchida just asked me if I am nervous. I said yes.

So this is what happened last week. We have had a couple of lessons with M*** and S*****. They are really great investiagtors! We should meet S***** again tonight but we are still trying to get his job thing worked out. He actually might take a job at a cram school that the bishops wife runs so that would fix the Sabbath day thing but he is praying about what he wants to with his job. We taught him with the bishop and asked him if he wanted to take that option and he is praying and really working hard to prepare to be baptized. S***** is awesome. Praying that he will baptized this month.
M*** is doing really good too. He is about done with 1 Nephi now. We taught him Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy too and it went well, he just also is trying to seek God's will and decide for himself if he wants to commit to Sabbath day observance. The coolest thing is he is friends with a bunch of the YSAs now and we found out randomly yesterday that he went with all of them to a fireside. WHAT?! We were really happy - haha so he is doing good. We also taught T*** but he is still slowly but surely moving. He is still a 75 year old Buddhist Japanese man haha, but really nice and open minded. We also this week went to a little concert held at a members home. Elder Tsuchida plays the guitar really well and other people sang. One girl sang the song from "Frozen" in English and it was my first time hearing all of it. Everyone was shocked - haha I need to see that movie apparently. It was funny to because she was singing in English without having a clue at what she was saying - haha.
Lots of good things happened this past week. We really enjoyed dendoing. Elder Tsuchida is an awesome companion. we really teach well together. You will get to talk to him for a second today - haha, he is super good at English but he can speak some Japanese to you too just so you can hear it I guess haha his English is really good. One of the better ones in our mission as far as Japanese missionaries go. He has only been out 6 transfers too.
Well. This is my last skype. I'll be home sooner than later and I can't believe it. I am really happy to see all you. I really love my mission. It is the greatest thing in the world. It really has changed me forever. I am so happy because I have had a lot of life training in such a little time. I am so thankful for the restored gospel. I love you and see you in......30 minutes?!?!?!??!

Love, Elder Proctor

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Ward Music Night - My talent is... Listening...

My Companion plays well.

Nice ping pong action.