Last week in Kamagaya :(

So, we had a pretty interesting week last week. We honestly didn't see much success as far as teaching people goes. It was pretty slow. It is very hot outside, and we were outside so...yeah. But, we did see a couple of cool things that I would like to share. I went on a split with Elder Crockett, he was in my MTC room. We handed out 5 copies of the Book of Mormon that day but one of them was super cool. We were planning on going to a place but then at the last second Elder Crocket said he felt like a different train station. So we went and then we handed out 3. One was cool. We were about to leave but felt we should maybe stay longer, so we turned the corner and there was a guy that looked like he was half English and Japanese. He was and we talked in English. We said hey! He said, " I know you guys." I was like, "Oh really?" He said, " Yeah, I dont need you. I am different. I am like the opposite stuff compared to you guys." I was like, "What does that mean?" He said, "I like killing and war." I said, "Really? Well...that is perfect because in this book called the Book of Mormon, there are tons of stories about war and stuff." So we stumped him there and he said, "sit down." So we did and then talked for an hour, stumping him at different points when he tried to be smart to us, and then by the end he took the book :). He had a kid with his girlfriend, things were tough, he had no job, and he said he thought about suicide. We talked to him and by the end he said he'd go check it out and took the book of mormon. He is in the other area so I don't know what is going on now, but it was so cool to be led to him and then we were able to break his hard heart. It was fun and I enjoyed it.
S***** is just trying to decide his job, nothing new there. M*** is progressing well, but we have to talk to his mom and baptism. We had a couple of fliers thrown back at us but... oh well. Just a good day of work I guess - haha. T****, the member, gave a talk and testified of the misisonaries and how he wanted to be one now. One of the biggest miracles of my mission. We ran into a guy housing and it was interesting. He said he believed in God because Evolution was a ridiculous theory for humans. He said why would ONLY humans be able to use fire to cook and make planes and progress so far and EVERYTHING else couldn't. He said that is evidence to him of human's higher potential. We are God's children. He was cool.
This is my last week in Kamagaya most likely so I am going to ask everyone I know to talk with us so we will probably have a pretty successful week. It is always funny how the last week of transfers are better as far as church attendance and stuff goes - haha.
Last thing. I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese and English this past week. Worked out well huh - haha good timing. I prayed about both and got the same confirmation. I really have been helped by the Book of Mormon. It has changed my life. I want to invite ALL of you to read it. If you have not read all of it straight through yet....then read it now!! Before I get back. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Proctor
Kondo Family

Lots of Katanas on the wall.