Kamagaya.......again!!!!!!! ‏ YES!!!

I am not transferring!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am staying for a fourth transfer. I stayed for four in my last area too so this is my longest again. I am so happy. Elder Tsuchida is great and I love the area and am really excited to continue working with S*****. We are teaching him really boldly about the Sabbath day today so I hope it goes well. He is doing great though. We asked him to read some specific verses before meeting one time last week and he read them and told us exactly what they meant and everything. Usually people who don't have a Christian background can't do that, but he can because he is really feeling the Spirit and seeking after God. We had an awesome week.
We taught more people in Kamagaya than I ever had before. We also really focused on super spirit filled lessons so honestly, even if in my other area I taught more people, I have never felt so much like a Gospel teacher as I do now. Plus, Elder Tsuchida is helping me a lot with my Japanese language skills, so it is a lot easier for the investigators to understand me. Sometimes if you are always with American missionaries, you end up doing missionary Japanese, and it is different - haha so I am getting rid of my old habits and picking up a lot of good real Japanese habits with him. I love Japanese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope my siblings get to go on a  foreign language speaking mission. It really is so much fun. It is obviously one of the hardest things in the world - haha but really, it teaches you to literally think in a different way. It has taught me so much. I love the language.
Today we blitzed an area that is struggling and Elder Tsuchida and I found someone. This was like 3 hours ago. It was super hot, and I was tired and honestly getting kind of out of willingness to keep walking. But, we did and found a kid, gave him a Book of Mormon, and he gave us his number. Wooh! You have to push though the hard times. I always try to look at the long run. I could've gave up, been lazy and now just forget about the experience, but because I didn't, now I look back and learned that never giving up works!!  Don't give up!!! It looks like everyone is having fun over in Texas. It is getting hot here now, but still nothing like home haha it hasn't been raining!! Yes!!! Yesterday we checked the forecast and then real quick I wanted to show Elder Tsuchida Texas' humidity. It said 94 on Yahoo weather and he was shocked - haha They think it is hot here, but being it Nacogdoches in the summer in a bathing suit, is still hotter than being here in the summer in an actual suit  here - haha. I love you all so much!!

Skype is officially the 9, 10, or 11. the 10th is church and S**** baptismal date, so that might be kind of busy. So maybe the 9 or tenth is best?? I don't know. You guys talk this week and let me know what time next week you want to do it. Last Skype!??!?!?! Can you believe that? It is surreal. I am so thankful for my mission. I love you all so much!! Have a great week and SEE you soon:)

Elder Proctor
Gonna fatten 'em up


Chocolate Mason - hummmm