A Great Week!

This week was so good. I'll start by just telling a story about Friday. We saw so many great things. We first taught T***, he is good at English and in the lesson he said "YOLO." Acronym for "you only live once."  He said one of the dumb phrases high school students said when I was in high school and he is like 75 years old and Japanese. that was pretty funny. He is still reading the Book of Mormon. We then taught another potential person and he has read all the way to Words of Mormon?! What? That was cool. Then we met with S****. We ate ramen and stuff then we went back to the church and were able to teach him a super good lesson about the Plan of Salvation. He embraced it all, loved it, and I am still shocked at how awesome he is. My goal is for him to have a mission call at this time next year. He might be baptized in May instead, but that is fine.
I hope that gives me a reason to be in Kamagaya longer. For the first time in my entire mission I am going to specifically ask President Budge not to transfer me. ha-ha I have never done it. But I do not want to go. I want to stay!!! So I hope it happens. Transfers are in two weeks. Next week is temple pday by the way so we will email late on Tuesday.
So then after S**** we went housing and decided to just stop at the place where we felt prompted to stop. We randomly felt it, stopped, and found a lady who's son had been going to the Eikaiwa in Nakano, Elder Tsuchidas old area. So we talked to her and are going back to teach her and her husband. I really hope the husband is there. Then Saturday a miracle happened when one of our Eikaiwa students, a new guy I found about two weeks ago, showed up and came to general conference. He was taking notes and everything?!?! I was shocked haha General conference was amazing. I learned so much and there was some definite advice and counsel I needed to hear. It was weird having it as the perspective for a missionary and a returned missionary.
Yesterday was cool too. We taught K***, our 11 year eternal investigator, and it was good. He asked if he could just not take the lessons from the missionaries and eventually just be baptized when he wants to. We had a member who just got back from his mission 7 weeks ago, and we testified to him of the importance of keys of the Priesthood. It was the first time in my life I have testified so strong of the importance of the organization of the Priesthood and the keys of it. I learned myself too. So did K***. Missionary work is great. I just want to stay in Kamagaya the rest of my mission. I think one more transfer is possible. I would like to Skype with Elder Tsuchida here too. That would be really fun. I love you all so much. thanks for the package!!!1 Have a great week!!!!!!!!

Elder Proctor

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Thanks for the Easter Fun!!!

Really fun new friend who is learning of Christ