Kamagaya! ‏
We had the best week of the entire transfer this week. We found 5 new investigators and were able to talk and teach a lot of people. It was so cool to see where we started and where we are now. I took a picture of our board that has all of our people on it and I will send it. It's crazy to think that all of those people on the board had nothing to do with God and Christ 6 weeks ago, but now have even just a little bit of belief, that is just awesome.
It looks like my return date will most likely be moved up. Of the 30 or so peole who came with me and will leave with me from Japan, a lot are going to BYU and it starts way before September 4th, so they are going to probably move us up to earlier in August. Just some news I thought you'd like to know.
It was insanely windy last week, it rained, it did all of that. It is hard to ride a bike in that, but we did what we could. We bike miles and miles a day. It's so funny because I used to think bike riding was dumb. But now when I think about it, I could have rode a bike to school and church and that doesn't seem far at all in my mind anymore - haha. We ride our bikes twice that distance everyday - haha. We are proably going to play basketball with our friend K*** today. I am so excited. We also met with M*** this week too. Plus our old friend T*** did a lesson with us and it went great. It's so interesting to teach him because he is good at English and we talk about the translations of the Japanese and English scriptures and it's been really fun. He is doing great. We also have an investigator named K***. He has been going to church for 10 years and he is ours now. We taught him and he is so close to baptism. Speaking of baptism, this Saturday in Chiba, S*** is going to be baptized!! We get to go see it too:)) He is the one we taught using just the Kanji becasue he is Chinese, but they were able to get a Chinese member to help. I am so happy for him!! He changed and found so much happiness so quickly!!
Other funny thing I forgot to tell you, I had to give a talk last Sunday. They told me 5 minutes before church started?!?!? So I went and sat on the stand and did it - haha. It was fine though. It went really well because I just told stories and stuff and related the principles back. It's a lot easier than when I did it at this time last year - haha.
So I am loving Kamagaya. Next week is transfer calls and I probably will not move. I  am happy Aunt Karen is doing a little better. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week. 愛しているよ!

Nice Ward Family

New Missionary Day - Me with my second Trainee :)

Nice Ward Family - He translated for Pres. Hinkley
when he visited Japan. - cool stuff.

New Friend we met - He is from Shri Lanka.

Mission Leadership Conference - Fun Times.

Eating chicken.....