This was actually a pretty crazy week. It started off with me being super sick again :(. I got worse the next day because I rested on Pday, but then went out and rode my bike in the freezing cold wind and that did not help. So. . . I had to rest a little one day but now I am better.
We saw a bunch of cool stuff this week though. Apparently in March we will be getting new iPads. And by we, I mean we have to buy them - haha. The new thing is that all misionaries will buy a tablet, probably an iPad, as part of their misison preparation - Japanese missionaries that is. So we have these options: old missionaries (like me), may buy a new one to take home, or keep my current one until I am released and then return it to the mission. It would be cool to have the one I have now, but it is kind of formatted so that access to normal things for college would be halted.  We will see what happens. It is neat that all Japanese Missions are using them.  
So i guess ill just talk about yesterday for a minute. We went out to a place in our area that no one has ever been to before. It was so far away and lets just say that by the end of yesterday we had biked over 30 kilometers...not kidding. It was worth it though. We housed out there and found a Sri Lankan guy who is coming with his friends to Indo Curry with us tomorrow:) plus, our friend K***, who we met a month ago, called and we met him last night. He finished his tests so now he can meet more and he really likes the message. he loves American football and basketball so we get a long. It's cool. He is super big. He is also reading the Book of Mormon so pray for K****!!!! please!!!
So yesterday was a crazy day, so tired but great day. Then today we went to the temple. It was great, as always, and I really enjoyed it. We finally made it back here and now I am emailing. Happy Birthday Chrissy!! I hope you like your presents. You are awesome and can't wait to be at your birthday next year;) Speaking of being home, I indirectly found out my return date today. They sent an email to all the people who came to Japan with me and said on August 31st BYU starts the Fall Quarter so all missionaries going home on  September 4th and going to BYU need to talk to President Budge. That indirectly let me know my return date is September 4th. So there it is - haha.  It could change but most likely not I think. I was not going to tell anyone, but I had to. I know you would want to know. I really have grown so much out here. I love Japan. Talking about the Japanese classes has got me thinking about how much I love it here. Japan is the place where I developed a strong testimony of everything. I know God is real, Christ is the Savior, and I have felt the Holy Ghost. I also developed more love and charity here for you all and the people here. I have learned more here than anywhere so I love Japan. I want to be connected with it for my whole life. 
私は日本に心から感謝しています。I love you all and am praying. I am glad Aunt Karen is a little better. Keep being my awesome family!!!!!!!

Tokyo Temple - Awesome Place!
Great Ward Family!!

Our good friend who loves Football and Basketball.

At the Ward FlapJack Party

I can now make. . . Flap Jacks!