2015 - Week 2

So we had another really good week, I think. We are a brand new area but are doing very well. Elder Fountain is great. He is a brand new missionary and could have seen a brand new area with no people to teach and getting acquainted with a new ward as kind of a big struggle, but instead has had tons of faith and we have already been teaching people everyday.
Cool miracle, the O*** family who used to be mission presidents, gave us a referral of their friend M***. He is from Canada but Japanese. He lives here now and we got to meet him Saturday night. His wife's mom recently passed away. We talked with him about a lot of things but then discussed about the Plan of Salvation. He thought it was really interesting and now has a Book of Mormon and is going to read. He is really cool.
We also found a family by HOUSING!??! what? haha that never happens. But we housed at 8:30 at night because we had nothing else to do, and usually people just say no - haha or it's late go home, but the lady opened the door and she had been to Catholic preschool (I love Japanese Catholic preschools by the way), they do a lot of platning for us haha. But she had interest and her husband just so happened to be involved with international trading so he was looking for an English school. Well. . . we do that - haha - twice a week for free. She was so happy. They came to our ward mochi party the NEXT day!?!? so cool. Mochi is like mashed up rice, I'll send you a video. They make it for new years. But yeah, the T**** family is their name. SO cool, we also met with a bunch of other investigators and potential people. Great week!
I was sick yesterday. It was not fun but I just pushed through. I wore a mask all day. Also, I forgot to tell you I crashed in the rain a couple of weeks ago. It was just because my bike slipped in the wet gravel, but I was ok. My wrist is still just kind of sore and I forgot to tell you about my back - haha I've been getting messed up lately - haha.  On new years morning I was like "oh yeah, new year, here we go, time to work out hard everyday, as hard as I can, lets go, oh yeah," at the end of my workout during push ups my whole back seized up and cramped - haha I was out. And now just stretch every morning until its better - haha:P so I know that is pathetic and doesn't realy make me seem like the most manly guy, but it was funny so I though I'd share it with you. 
I also got contacts and glasses this week, pretty funny to do it in Japanese with the check up and everything.  I love you all so much. I am praying for you everyday and especially Aunt Karen. I will pray more this week. Nice to welcome Stephanie in:)
I love you all!!!!


Pounding Away

Pounding the New Year's Mochi

This is what everyone wears in Japan

Adorable Japanese Kid

Awesome Ward Family

Ward Mochi Party!!

Good friend we made.

Sweet shades at the Japanese Optometrist

Just a cool silhouette