I'm Staying In Chiba!!! Yay!!!!
I am not transferring!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHHHH!!!
We were pretty shocked but all of the Zone Leaders in the mission remained in their area. I think President Budge wanted stability going into the Christmas season instead of mixing it up at the best time of the year. So, I get to stay in Chiba for a 4th transfer!!! Longest I have ever been in an area. I am so happy about it. This has been my favorite area as far as just all of the dynamics of the area. I have the same companion too. I am really excited. this place seems like home in Japan and it is just crazy how fast time has been flying because I am in the habit of living in Chiba and working with these people. I am so excited! My companion and I made it a goal to speak only Japanese this transfer.
I am now a transfer 10 and I only go till 16, so I got to get better. I really am feeling the pressure of wanting to improve so I am doing it!!! Hold me accountable to it ok!!!!??! haha I get to talk to you on Skype next month too! That is so exciting. I guess some news is that D***was not able to be baptized. He is waiting till he is a little more prepared so that is that. I am glad he is waiting I think though. It will be better for him. We are working with all of the same people right now but still finding new people everyday. One in particular is K***. He went to a protestant church a couple of times and is enjoying talking with us. Its so much fun to have an investigator that is our age and just a regular guy. We also got to play ultimate Frisbee again. It was so fun and I really enjoyed playing.
We also got to go to Meji Jingu on Thursday!! It was a blast. It is a huge Jinja for the Shinto religion. We got a personal tour by one of the workers and got to see a marriage and some other ceremony. It just made me love Japan even more. The place was a really spiritual place but also very touristy - haha fun though. I got to do that and Skytree so it was just a week filled of loving Japanese people!! I love Japan so much more now. I also am so thankful for this experience to be a missionary. Yesterday O**** went to church for the first time since I have been here and it went great!! I am really enjoying the people. I love you all so much!!! have a great week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Mason Proctor

Japanese Wedding, not quite sure what he is doing, but hey, I'm just a visitor.

Good friend in Chiba.

Nan and Curry - Indian food in Japan - Okay.

Nan and Curry Restaurant.