This is definitely the coolest area in the mission (I just wanted to say that - haha). I really love this place. So we just got back form Skytree!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!! I'll talk about everything in reverse. So we went to skytree and it was even better than expected. Tokyo is so much bigger than I ever realized!!!!!!!!!! It is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is never ending. I'll send pics and one video where I just do a look over everything. It is awesome. Made me proud to be a Tokyo Missionary. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Just know that everyone has to go in the future.
At the Temple I had a great experience. I walked out of the celestial room and looked back and it was just comforting to think, "wow, I feel like I was here just yesterday." we go once a transfer so during your mission you go about 14 times including a couple of missed ones maybe. There are 16 transfers in a mission. Anyways, I feel like I go there so often and it is just flying by. I felt so content and knew that what I am doing is right and I am enjoying it while also dealing with the hardships as best I can. Great experience. I love the Temple.
I Read Jacob 7 this week and realized something. We are all very strong members so sometimes our faith will be specifically challenged. We need to always do our best to stay strong and always remember our testimonies. We can all have faith. It was Elder Ogata's birthday and it was pretty funny. We bought some little celebratory thingys that we though just shot string. So the idea was to shoot it at him but in the end. . .  they were mini fireworks!?!?! UH OH, we shot him with fireworks haha - so funny.

D*** is probably going to be baptized this weeek. We were succesful in moving him to the Elders closer to his hometown. He still likes us better - haha but we are going to his baptism this Saturday before we transfer. Next week is trasfers and one of us most likely will go so D**** really wants to do it before we go. So cool to see him progress to baptism. He is from the Phillipines and loved Christ from the start. B*** is doing great now too. He is primary coordinator - haha and also this week I got lost with directions, but we found this random kid on a random road and he is now an investigator:) Cool how God does that to us sometimes.

It sounds like Halloween was a blast. You all look great. Costumes were awesome!!! We had our halloween party here and I'll send you a picture of my costume:) I am a Ramen Chef - haha I love ramen!! Its so good in Japan. Anyways, I'll let the tons of pictures do the talking this week. I love you all!!!!! Havea great week!!!!

Elder Mason Proctor
"Mr. Ping" the Noodle Vendor

In the Skytree - AWESOME!!

New friend we met in Tokyo.


Shadow while inside.

In Tokyo with my buddy from the MTC.

Sushi Time!!! Yummy!!

Tokyo is HUGE!!!!