It was another great week in Chiba.   It is pretty cold outside here so I had to buy lotion the other day because my hands were cracking so bad.  We went to a huge mall out by the airport in Narita and made plans to do a flash mob in a few weeks. All of the missionaries on the 23rd of December and all the members are doing a flash mob in a huge mall. We got to plan it with the manager:) I felt cool, I'm not gonna lie,  haha - it is going to be really cool though and it probably will go in the Liahona and there is going to be news crews and everything :) Hopefully I am still here when they do it. There is a transfer the week before. Pray for me to stay one more transfer - haha.

I wanted to respond to Avery Champion from our ward. She sent a really cute letter. So. . . I have eaten squid and cartilage and all kinds of raw fish, we speak Japanese here in Japan and there are about 170-180 in our ward - haha those were her questions.
Spiritual story this week: we had a random guy we met a while back form Sri Lanka and he came to church for the first time in his life yesterday and he loved it!!!!! So he is doing well. D*** is going to be baptized this week or next week and we also were able to help a lot other people come to Christ.
We found a family two days in a row this week. Last night we were riding our bikes and I saw a son and a dad playing basketball. We passed them but then decided to go back. The kid turned out to be super good and the dad was coaching him. Like, this kid is amazing, his dribbling is ridiculous. He is going to destroy all of the Japanese kids - haha but we talked with him. And got an appointment to play basketball with them Tuesday so Yep, found a family! First time to find someone like this. Also, the day before that we found some people that said we could come back this week. FAMILIES!
Funny story for the week was our less active friend brought two sticks to play tennis with. He said he couldn't find the racquets so he brought sticks. When he said sticks I was like, maybe he meant a different word and I just don't know it, well, when we got there - sure enough, I did understand and he brought 2 foot-long sticks. Needless to say, we didn't play and planned it for another day - haha Dendo (Missionary Work) is super funny. I love you all so much! Have an amazing week! I love you !

Elder Proctor
A Great Family in our Ward

Me and Ogata Chourou

First time ever riding in an "empty" train in Japan - this, like never happens.

Awesome Basketball dribbling kid - Prayers that his family let us teach them.