Hey everyone how is it going?? So I will go ahead and report on my speaking Japanese. I did ok - haha, it was a really busy week and we had to plan a lot of stuff so we broke into English a lot - haha, but it was a lot better and it helped so much. So this week and I am going to do 100%. It's hard sometimes though because we have to go to all the district meetings this week and during those we speak in English so it knocks me off - haha, but I will do my best. I am using you guys to help me stay committed to it. So keep following up with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
K***, our Nepalese Sherpa investigator finally came to church. He speaks Japanese so the ward is happy with him and he could be baptized at the end of this month. It has taken two months but he is finally coming around. He has so much potential. I really love Chiba ward. I like how I am the missionary who has been here forever - haha, they all look at me and realize I have been here for a while. I like it because it has made Chiba feel more like home and I am in such a habit that the time is just flying bye. It is crazy that I get to talk to you next month!??!?! 
Elder Ogata's new companion in our apartment is Elder Lammintaus, he is Finnish!! I told him about Brother Pratt and he was happy. But he speaks fluent English so no worries with communication. He is 25 too haha and it is fun having him. He is a really nice guy. Elder Ogata helps me with Japanese every day so I am loving that.
Last week we went to a ward barbeque and it made me think of home so much - haha. It is so cool to have the same type of ward parties in Japan. It was really cool. We also taught Y*** and it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. We watched Bible Vidoes of Christ and then read about Him. Y*** is T*** K*** member and has some different views but we testified of Christ and watched the videos and he started crying: a 50 year old Japanese man crying because of what the Savior did for us. It is such a privilege to teach him because most Japanese don't know that much so they don't understand the significance yet. But he does and it touched him. Amazing experience. Thanks for your emails. they help me so much. Please never stop!!! I love you all so much!!!!

Elder Proctor
Definitely would not be speeding on my bike through these.

At the Ward Party

Ward member in his Halloween garb. Like the bald wig.