Kon'nichiwa!!  こんにちは

So the guy who sent us the awesome email his name is B***. He came to Chiba ward for a year straight a couple of years ago. Then he thought it wasn't for him. A few months ago life got hard and he was struggling but he read the Book of Mormon and Bible which made him happy and gave hope and allowed him to "see the light". So he decided to come back to church and be baptized and that is when I called him and his email came. We taught him today and the first thing he did was talk about his baptismal date for the 31st and if it was possible. We told him he needed the five lessons and a testimony. He said ok and we taught lesson 1 and 3 and he knew all of it and had a testimony of all of it. He loves it and just desires baptism and coming to God. He knows and follows the Word of Wisdom already and specifically asked for Sundays off to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. His wife is Japanese and used to not approve of church, but now is ok with it. We talked about eternal marriage today in priesthood and he said he is patient and one day wants his wife to be baptized and to be married in the temple. B*** is prepared! It was so cool and awesome to see someone who was so affected by the Gospel and so ready. I'm so excited!

Also, I***, my friend from Kisarazu, he got baptized!!!! So happy!! He finally realized it was time. It was so cool to hear that. I did not have time to go,  but it was still great. And since I'm talking about baptism a lot, yesterday I gave my first baptismal interview. It was so cool. The mans name is N*** and he lives in Narita's area. I did it at his house so my interview was done sitting cross legged on the floor in a Japanese apartment with a 60 year old japanese man. It was pretty cool compared to the bishops office at home haha :P - he was ready and excited for baptism. I went on splits this week and while away at another area we were going to play basketball but I got an allergic reaction!!! We had to rush back and I only had a little medicine. I swelled up pretty funny lookingly haha and ended up being ok though haha

Elder Mason Proctor
A new friend from Ghana

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The one on the Left finished his mission and is going home next week!!!

Beautiful rice field in Narita - Japan