Hey everyone!
So there were some crazy miracles this week! First about our District. Pretty much everyone has been finding. We all found new investigators this week. We found a 22 year old guy and an American haha. The American guy is pretty interesting haha.
We were able to talk to a lot of people this week. All of the other missionaries found people too. It was so cool to see a spike in new people. We had 7 people at church yesterday. It was cool but this is the most awesome miracle. At Togane, where the Zone leaders are, the missionaries there in all brought 50 people to church. 50 non members!!!! It is so cool.
And guess what, I am going to Togane. Yep, I was assigned to be a Zone Leader in Togane. I have been assigned to replace the Zone Leader who has completed his service and is going home. I'm going to miss Kisarazu, but I'm really excited. My companion will be Elder Pelfrey. He is a friend from the MTC and really awesome. We came to Japan at the same time and were in the same room all day everyday at the MTC so its nice to have someone I know.
SO... even though I'm transferring just an hour a half away, I'll still be able to visit Kisarazu on exchanges and talk to S--- and S--- my good friends. SO... I'm going to the ward that just had 50 people on Sunday. 185 total attendance including members. Its my first ward. I'm so excited.
Also this week for the first time my whole mission, we started only speaking Japanese. We always tried but still were just (honestly) lazy and went to English if we couldn't figure it out. But now as a district we decided to only speak Japanese. It has been great and in just the last 5 days I have improved so much.
Elder Pelfrey is known for speaking just Japanese too, so I'm way excited to do that. Elder Nukaya was awesome. He is transferring too, I'll miss him. He is a fun guy and great Elder.
I hope you all are doing great. I love your emails and it sounds like your doing well. I am so proud of you Garrett and wow. . . Hannah's dog is ridiculously cute haha. Mom thanks for the email. Exactly what I needed for my new assignment haha.
I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!


Our Zone went bowling on P-day - Fun Stuff!!

This is my name in Japanese.
I did great (if I was playing golf)

This was the bowling shoe dispenser.
The biggest shoe was 2 sizes too small - a tight fit for sure.