Konnichiwa! ‏
Hey everyone! I hope you guys all had a great week! This week was better as far as no rain here but I think I might prefer the rain haha. It is so hot! So humid. It feels just like home - haha. I think Texas is hotter though because we have the crazy 102 degree heat along with the moisture. Anyways, we had a  good week. We had mission leadership council and it went great.
It was cool being the Togane Elders because right now our area is famous in the mission due to the fact that Togane had 50 non-members at church 3 weeks ago. We had 16 this Sunday. We were planning on like 23 but some couldn't make it but definitely will soon. We have 3 baptismal dates right now - all for the 29th of June. N--, T--, and M-- are all on their way. N-- is liking everything. M-- is Filipino and loves Jesus Christ and when we talked about temples with him and his girlfriend they both loved it. T-- is on a 7 day quit smoking program right now. We taught it to him yesterday and it took like 2 hours to get through - haha.  I'll send it to you and you'll see why - haha its so long and had a lot of vocabulary we weren't sure about - haha but when we asked him to crush his cigarettes he did right then and there. So cool. Pray for him to have courage to do it!! He is so close!
Things are going good though. Also, a couple more things I want to tell you about. One, we taught a lesson to a cool guy named M--. He is 24 and really cool. We just talked about our dads the whole time and how much they mean to us. We talked about how my dad is smart and always went to my games. We talked about how our dads always support us. Elder Pelfrey's dad passed away two years ago, but his dad did the same type of stuff. It was super spiritual. Everyone give dad a hug this week. He deserves it. Thanks for teaching me dad and being so great.
Afterwards we related all those attributes to Heavenly Father and now M-- is praying to know if he really is there:) I love you Dad. Thanks for being such a great family. I love you too Reinens! I miss you all so much. Have a great week guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yea haha we moved this week too so now we don't have to ride our bikes an hour there and back to the church. But T-- lives close to our old apartment anyways so we still go there everyday - haha oh well.

Anyways love you!!!!

Met these great friends and they are coming out to Chruch! YES!!

Our beautiful Togane Chapel at Night

Loadin up - it is soo hot in there.

View from our apartment - the church is next to the tiny red/white tower in the
distance in the center left of the picture - Takes 30 min on bikes to get there.