I love you all so much and awesome news! S--, S--'s girlfriend, came to church again and S-- said he is coming for sure when his daughter comes! Wooh! Next week is also our last big Sunday before the transfer ends, next Monday is transfer calls, so pray for that! One guy we found a while back in the night time is now being taught. When we found him we thought he was Japanese but the other day we finally just decided to visit him again because we couldn't contact him this whole time, and  turns out he is Philipino haha. Speaks English. We had an awesome lesson with him an hopefully he keeps going.
Next we are still talking with I--. He is progressing a little bit more now. I also have been sick since last Thursday! I have had a cold.  I am finally feeling better though. It was miserable too because on Friday and Saturday I had to get up early for an exchange and then the next day even earlier to go to Tokyo for a conference. Elder Cook, one of the apostles, spoke. We got to shake his hand and everything. He was awesome and it was super special. His wife was really funny too and we sang in Japanese and English and she loved it. I learned a lot and I could definetly tell that Elder Cook really had something special about him. He really helps a lot. It is so amazing that they really are special witnesses of Christ. He said everyone would be blessed and especially our families:)
Yesterday I gave a blessing for the first time in Japanese. I did the first part of a healing blessing. It was amazing and felt the Spirit super strongly.

D&C 20:17-30  I found this scripture and I want you all to read it. Its super powerful and basically just outliens what we believe. I love it and don't you guys ever doubt that its true! I'm really enjoying Japanese. The people and the language.
I hope you are all doing alright. I love you all so much. Today we have basketball again and it has been getting bigger and bigger. It's going really well and now the branch since more investigators have been coming to church. The stake president said we might get more room in our little apartment building for the church. Wooh!

I love you all so much! So incredibly much!!

Have a nice week!!

Elder Proctor

Skype view from my end!!! Very fun to talk with y'all.

Me with Zone Leader - He leaves to go home to Australia next transfer

A good friend we met who has been coming to church - he is 83

Awesome Temple P-Day with my Companion

Cleaning out our old Apartment - 6 years of Elder's old leavin's - yuck!