Hey Everybody!

So here's what happened after seeing you guys after our Mother's Day Skype session. I got the package from you dad and for some reason I had to pay 50 bucks to get it?!?!?!? I was really frustrated. I asked the lady why it was so expensive and she said she didn't know. I'm so sorry:( Then the next day we found a guy named K--. He was in his yard. We talked in Japanese at first and then he broke out into English. He worked on an airline for 30 years and that's where he learned. He loves golf too.
We were pretty busy this week with packing and moving. It was not fun finding old missionary's junk from a billion years ago. (Ewww haha). But we did it and now we are in our new apartment. It is awesome! It's literally twice the size. It is in a duplex. So it's more like a small house. It has two floors. So much better. I have a normal closet now too haha. It's awesome to have room again.

We weren't able to meet with our investigators this week that much because of moving but we are still talking with them. Two of their birthdays have come and we celebrated that.

One more funny thing. Yesterday we went to Deiso, the Japanese version of dollar store but better, and found an investigator that we stopped seeing about a month ago. He is 78. I was 99% sure it was him so we timed it to where I was behind him at the counter. He saw me and turned around real quick to avoid me. I said his name but he ignored it. I was like, well, we will just talk to him outside but he was sneaky and as we were walking out, he walked back in. We waited outside and got the present we bought for our investigator all fixed up to stall time. We then just went inside and he saw us again. He ducked under the isle he was at. I walked over to the isle and he started waddling crawling around the isle to keep me from seeing him. He did this for a minute then ran out when he thought we didn't see him haha. We couldn't find him again but it was just funny having a 78 year old man run away from us like a 10 year old haha. There's no bad feelings, he just feels embarrassed. It was really funny.

I love you all so much. You all mean so much to me. I have the best family in the world and will always do my best for you guys. I love you!!

Elder Proctor

Elder Crockett and Me - We were in the MTC together
and met up at Tokyo Temple P-Day!!