We found a man named T--. We housed (tracted) into him and he believed in, "Mama Mary" but was up to hearing about the Book of Mormon.  He prays to Heavenly Father now though, haha. We went and taught him about the restoration and we showed him the baptism of Christ video and the restoration - Joseph Smith first vision. It was so cool because after the first vision I asked him if he thought it was true and in the most serious voice he was like probably and was nodding his head. He really liked the Atonement too. He has a wife and 2 kids I think and the best part is we committed him to being baptized!!! He actually said what time of the day haha. The funny part is Elder Larm didn't know haha. Halfway through and after I committed him to baptism Elder Larm said he was like "wait, did he just set a baptismal date??" He said he heard dates like March and stuff and he realized haha. He couldn't come to church this week so it'll have to be in April but we are still so excited. Haha so pray for T-- and his family!!!!
We also met a man named K--. He works at Disney land and he is hilarious. He said when foreigners come and they speak English at him he always just nods his head and says "no problem" haha so funny. He is a pretty cool miracle. We ended up explaining a little bit about the word of wisdom when we came back to visit him and he had already been keeping it haha. He said how tea and coffee and all the stuff in it are bitter. He said he would keep the word of  wisdom in the first meeting haha. He is doing the 30th anniversary for Disney land right now but this week we should be able to meet him more. We went on a 24 km bike ride this week to another one of our less actives phantom referrals haha. He always give us referrals, we visit them, and they say they have never heard of him. Then we ask him and he says yea don't use my name, oh my gosh haha. It was interesting and a workout though. I have another talk again. about friendship at the end of this month. My companion scared a kid too. We were really crammed at a doorstep and the kid opened the door and there was my companion in a huge coat towering over him.  The kid screamed and almost fell over haha. I jumped in and explained and we invited his family to Eikaiwa (English Class) haha.

I'm so proud of you all.  You guys are all doing so well it sounds like.  I've gotten missionaries my whole mission ask me how I get so any emails and how they are so long. they say their parents don't write that much. I'm so happy you guys do. The Gospel is true.  I know it.  I see it everyday.  I love you all so much!!!!

Reporting Sheet
I definitely have the gift of tongues as I can understand everything on this :)