My dad asked if they have Walmart in Japan and in Tokyo there is Seiyu.  Seiyu is Walmart.  It has a Seiyu sign but on the inside there are Walmart cards and the same pictures and stuff haha.  I had a quick little week.  We sung "I am a Child of God" in English to a lady at an awesome looking Japanese house.  Their houses are normal.  Sometimes a little run down, but with awesome looking Japanese roofs, even on the run down ones haha.  Some are awesome and look like the movie classic ones haha.  So I just got a haircut, I was super nervous because I cant do that in Japanese yet.  But we got there and there was some random fluent Japanese lady haha.  She was a stay at home mom and we got her to plan to going to Eikaiwa (English Class).  Wooh! so awesome.  She actually was all excited to bring her kids.  We were at the haircut at the right time it seems like.  I love you all so much.  The church is true haha.  Japanese is improving.  Because of the conference it really got me focused on learning Japanese quicker.  I need to trust that I really can learn it quicker.  I don't have to settle for the end of my mission.  I can be more effective and helpful now.  I figured out why everyone thinks Japanese are bad drivers.  In japan at least its because the roads are so small!!!  They like weave around each other and barely miss but its normal haha.  So they are actually great drivers just so used to dodging each other that they are great haha.  That lady we met could be promising.  Don't know yet though.  Our investigator Y- is sort of opening up a little bit.  Its just hard because they think anything can be a god so when we tell them our religion they are like, Yea what's one more.  But once we teach they start to understand.  We had a pot luck dinner because an 8 year old was baptized.  I would tell you what I ate but I honestly don't know myself haha.  Each bite I just hoped that it wouldn't taste gross haha.  It was all good.  It rains a lot here!  Today we are going to a place called Uniclo to get clothes and stuff.  I'm excited.  Sorry that I don't have much to say.  Its only been a couple days.  I'm doing my best.  Japanese is hard.  Yes, this is not the language they taught me at the MTC haha.  But every day I understand more and more.  If you want to know what its like though. I know what you can do.  Watch a movie and every five seconds mute it for like 10 seconds then turn it on for 5 seconds then mute for 10 seconds then just keep doing that and you'll understand how my understanding Nihongo (Japanese) goes haha  Well I love you all.  you are the best. Ai shite imasu!!
Elder Proctor
Skytree at night - very cool.