So it is freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So cold and its been raining for three days.  So sick of the rain haha.  Hard to ask people to stop and talk to you when they are getting drenched and wet haha.  The language slowly gets better.  I can understand a little bit more now and I actually am saying stuff to them.  Its the hardest thing getting used to the speed.  They speak so fast!!!!!!  I can understand missionaries but natives are hard.  Yes, I sleep on the futons.  There is no AC/Heater so yeah, it's freezing all the time! Literally an hour ago my companion figured out this portable heater thing though so yes!!!!!!!!  We were so happy.  We literally would work out in the morning under our blankets haha.  I can cook a little bit now.  Rice every time but its actually really good.  I like it.  We fried peanut butter balls the other day and I choked?!?! My companion did the Heimlich and everything.  It was scary.  My first thought before I really was choking was wow this would be something dumb to choke on.  Then I did it.  It was scary but over now haha :P  I also said something funny on the street the other day.  "Ki o tsukete ne" means like "be careful". Just a nice thing to say to someone right.  Well I got in a habit on the street and after we talked to a man about God, he said he was ok and quickly walked away.  I said "ki o tsukete ne" and my companion laughed.  Then I realized he denied God and I said "be careful....." oops haha.  One investigator named F- is our best right now.  He's been investigating for a long time.  The other 4 or 5 just don't commit.  They like talking but not doing.  We're working with them though.  In Japan they have this notion of everything is true so when we talk about our religion they say that's good stuff.  But they don't realize the fact that it is impossible for everything to be true!  Its funny.  Like in a lesson we said the Book of Mormon is true or its not true.  The investigator said it can be both.  What?!?! haha were working on it though.  Yesterday we talked with this 25 year old or so man who they met before I got here on a train.  We ate lunch and he ended up taking a Morumon-Sho (Book of Mormon) and actually might be our best potential investigator for White Christmas! wooh.  So that was great.   I ate fried octopus the other day.  Good, just ignored the octopus part, that's the weirdest I've ate.  We taught Eikaiwa (English) class - lots of funny moments there.  My companion is awesome.  He helps me and teaches me to cook which is good haha.  He knows his way around well too.  We ride trains all the time.  Japanese people ride bikes like crazy!!!  There's bike parking at McDonalds?!?!?! Haha  Read the scriptures and pray.  Christ is our Savior.  God is our personal Heavenly Father.
Proctor Chourou (Elder Proctor)
Morumon Sho o yomeba kazoku no kankei o tsuyomerareru to yakusoku shimasu - figure it out haha  :P

Just got my sweet ride!
I had to wait a week because they had to special order the height, lol.

Our "deluxe" accommodations - mine is the one on the right.