Ohayōgozaimasu! (Good Morning)
So we had a Tokyo Mission/Tokyo South mission combined conference in Tokyo with Elder David F. Evans who is the Head of the Missionary Department of the Church. We left Sunday early afternoon and got back yesterday afternoon.  Five hour bus ride...  I've seen all of Japan it seems like now haha.  I'm going to send pictures:)  So we barely caught the train on Sunday.  Slept at the mission home that night.  Then the next day was Pday so the elders we were supposed to stay with were doing pday stuff.   So we went to Skytree!  We did that for our pday activity and today we're doing the emailing and groceries. We didn't get to go up.  We didn't have time but still seeing it was cool.  After we got lost on the Tokyo trains and it took 3 hours to get to their apartment....Ugh haha.  Tokyo is huge.  It never ends!!!  Just skyscraper buildings going on and on.  The conference was great.  Got me excited to get back here to Sanjo and work.  We are working with a man named Y-.  We had a good lesson with him last night.  He seems a little more interested in the Book of Mormon now.  I also said the most I ever had in a lesson.  Wooh!  Also, the guy named A from the other pday where I emailed late is doing well.  He didn't know what Christmas meant.  He thought it was just presents.  So Elder Pronk wrote Christmas on the board and underlined Christ.  Haha.  We then explained it to him in the next lesson.  My Nihongo (Japanese) is getting better.  I can talk more.  Its just so hard sometimes.  Especially old people.  But for the most part I can follow conversations just not the details.  I got my mini Morumon Sho (Book of Mormon) too!  We are getting ipads next month!!  I'll get to have it basically my whole mission. We are one of the missions to try out the ipads.  I haven't been to the temple yet.  We're 5 hours away so not yet.  There are 20 people in our branch.  All fun and Japanese obviously haha.  Except for one who's here with his wife for her father.  He tells me the BYU game results and other sport stuff haha.  We have district meeting every week.  The trains in Tokyo are crazy.  They're always on time but there are so many.  Imagine cramming two Houstons and Dallas into one and that's Tokyo.  The buildings keep going.  Dallas has like that one skyscraper spot but Tokyo has many.  So cool.  I love you and truly miss you all.  Family truly is where happiness is.  Tokyo has so many people just working but I know where true happiness is.
Proctor Chourou (Elder Proctor)

Funny Kid from the Sanjo Branch - Toooo Coool

Tokyo Skytree!