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So, yeah, I am COMPLETELY shocked at my transfer call. I am going BACK to Sanjo!?!?! They called me back and my new companion will be Elder Cowden. He is transfer 5 I think. He actually  was trained by Elder Tsuchida. I am excited though. I honestly since last year have prayed every transfer, committing to follow God's will, but honestly in prayer asking for a specific thing. Up until now I had got it, Japanese companions and training and stuff, not transferring and stuff like that, but this time I really committed to follow God no matter what, and I know why I felt that way now. I really needed to be prepared to do something unexpected. So yeah, at least this time it won't be freezing - haha. I'm kind of bummed because this means I can't go to the Tokyo Temple again because Niigata is too far. Oh well. I'll go in the future. I am excited to go back. It will be weird because at first, I couldn't speak at all, so I was just the missionary who did what he could. Now, I actually can do it, so it will be cool to actually show the members who I am  and for them to see my personality. I am excited.
This past week we finally got into contact with S***** again. He is still doing great. Trying to figure out his job, but said he can probably get some days off now. The boss wanted him to stay. I don't blame him. But S******'s goal is to be baptized before I go back to America, so he better go quick haha. I just wish I could see it but I can't if I am in Niigata. Oh well. I will just Skype in  I think.
M***** also fasted for the first time yesterday?!?! Can you believe that?!?! Someone who two months ago didn't believe in God AT ALL now went two meals without eating because he believes and wants to feel the Spirit more. Amazing. It really has shown be how important the Book of Mormon is. He is almost done with Second Nephi and it has changed him. The Book of Mormon is from God and testifies of Christ. It brings people to Christ. I have witnessed it. People with ZERO thoughts about Christ, have come to him in a short couple of months because of the Book of Mormon and the Bible together. It is true.
I feel good about my time in Kamagaya. I fulfilled what I was sent here to do. I was supposed to start this area and learn what it means to love the ward and love missionary work. I changed more here than anywhere else. I love missionary work. I am excited to take the new me to Sanjo. It'll be awesome to go to Sanjo with only two transfers left, instead of only two transfers behind me. I am ready. I am going to give it my all. The Hirano family invited us to dinner last night. It was good and they really love the word. Also, the members here love the missionaries so much, the closing prayer included the fact that we might transfer. A member prayed for us so specifically. It's amazing.
I love you all so much. Have a great week. I will be taking a bus all the way up to Niigata on Wednesday. Missions are crazy. I am transfer 15 of 16. Time flies.

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