Sanjo! Again haha ‏

Yeah so I am back in Sanjō. We took a 5 hour bus drive up here and this is probably where I will end. IT was a really pretty drive. I'll send pictures. So, Sanjō is doing fine. It's not a branch anymore. It's a group. Even smaller. I am district leader and just trying to do my best. The whole Niigata stake isn't a stake. It's just called a "district" and there are two branches separated into a couple of groups. Really interesting. I got here and at first it was a little weird to be in the same place again. Old memories were coming and it was interesting, but I am doing well now I think. Y**** was a recent convert I talked with a lot while I as here last time but he passed away three weeks ago at age 33 or something(very tragic). There are new people here now though. We have been teaching some of them and it has been pretty fun.
It is a bit different being with a American companion. Elder T**** was Japanese, so I got really used to Kamagaya and it was my favorite so now I am trying to do my best to make here enjoyable too. It's smaller, but I am trying to just keep the same faith. It has been funny talking with members because we actually are talking - haha. I don't just ask their hobbies every week - haah. It has been pretty funny to see their reactions. Speaking of Japanese, yesterday at our zone conference I was asked to translate. I had no time to prepare, but I did my best. It was not enough I think - haha but I did good enough. It was fun, but humbling. I am not able to talk about medical stuff - haha the misison doctor did something and I basically just made up stuff and told them to be healthy people because I had no clue what he was saying in English. Pretty funny translating a conference. At times where you feel like you don't know what the speaker is trying to get across, or you dont know a wrod, you end up going on your own rant just to fill the space haha:P that's what happens when unprofessional missionaries translate I guess haha. I was doing it with about three others and we were all laughing when they were talking about an "ancient korean tribal healing remedy." The person doing translation at that time didn't say anything - haha.
It was also president and sister Budge's final meeting. They are done in 3 weeks. Back to the mother land. It was sad, last time I'll see them till, hopefully October;) but they just really are good people. They helped me so much. They cried and we did too. I also gave my final testimony like all the old missionaries do in their final zone conference. I can't believe I was doing it?!?! I am almost finished!!?!? I just talked about how missions are perfect for you and how they bless all your loved ones. I really am so thankful for my misison. I guess that was my week. I love you all so much and can't wait to see you!! I love you!!!!

Elder Proctor
Good Food

Niigata in the Background - Beautiful!!

Kamagaya Elders - Awesome guys!

President and Sister Budge - Wonderful!

Great friend

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