Hello Everyone:

Hey everyone! This week went great. We have been successful at finding people. I have started telling people about my own experiences with the Book of Mormon and feeling the Spirit instead of just introducing it. It has worked so much. They always feel the Spirit then are interested to see if they really can feel God's love by reading and praying.  That has been the key. So let us continue the awesome S-- story. That's longhorn hat guys name. So after email and learning the crazy story with the longhorn hat guy we went to the store.  We ended up needing to go back to the church.  on the way I said, "keep an eye out for the longhorn hat guy." we ran into him by the church.  He was coming back from the dentist.  We talked again and he was completely changed. I dramatically pulled out the email (thanks to the ipads) from his daughter and he was awestruck.  Then I knew his  grandsons name.  He was shocked.  I told him this was not a coincidence.  It was by God. It was so dramatic for him to look at my nametag and say, purokutaa. so awesome.  He agreed to meet again and gave us his address, email, phone number.  He walked away and said I'll call you.  He had a tear in his eye.  We then said bye and prayed a prayer of thanks.  **MIRACLE.** Then we called him later in the week.  He wants to eat sushi with us. Then on Sunday morning we get a text from him that says he would meet us after church.  We met him and his girlfriend.  We showed him around the church and we are eating with him today. He said he had never been in church before. His car has Texas stuff all around it and he has a belt buckle and everything. So funny. It is a miracle. He then gave us a map to his house.  Wow is it awesome.  He is a miracle. I'm so happy that you are all being missionaries at home, that is amazing.  I have a talk next week  on the charity of Christ.  I'm learning new vocab for it this week -  haha.  I'm going to try to return my keyboard today and get the one my companion got.  My enter key and almost the whole left side doesn't work.  S- is the longhorn hat mans name.  He is really nice.  So with speaking Japanese some people I can communicate really well with.  They speak clearly and its easier.  old people are hard though and S- is older haha we are doing our best though so pray for us!!!  I love you all and I hope you had a nice week.  I love you!!! 

Elder Proctor

Neat looking Shrine

Elder Larm at another small Temple

Another Shrine

Our Awesome Apartment - We live on the 2nd Floor

Sweet Looking Bridge

I ate 10 plate fulls - I did America Proud

Another shrine

Two friends we made - Love the "Longhorns" hat!