This was the most successful week of my mission.  Pretty cool experience.  On Thursday we had a lesson with K-- the old man and it didn't go as planned.  We got there and I misunderstood one thing he said and him being an old Japanese man was kind of frustrated.  So we didn't really teach and I got to the apartment that night and just prayed for help.  I just wanted things to go better.  That was Thursday and since then we have found tons of investigators. The first is trilingual 18 year old. Eating with him tonight. On Saturday there literally was a blizzard. The wind was so strong it almost knocked me down once. It was crazy - luckily my companion caught me. We stayed out and worked and found 2 people at their houses.  Then we handed out a couple of copies of the Book of Mormon yesterday and at last found a family last night that we are teaching at 4 today.  I'm excited to teach the M-- family, they have 5 people in their family.  I read the letters about that longhorn hat man. That is amazing that his daughter is in Tyler. I'm going to be looking out for him.  I actually met a kid that had a hoodie that said Texas and Austin on it yesterday too by the way - haha.  So yea, I don't know what you guys did, I guess temple and stuff, but your prayers are working.  I am seeing success.  we taught a man from Ethiopia yesterday and he is reading the Book of Mormon again now.  The ipad is awesome.  I got a keyboard and case for it.  So awesome.  The keyboard is a little weird. I love you all.  My companion is doing great.  He still is obviously new but so am I - haha. We just ganbaro (work hard) through every day.  I'm getting better though because my mind kinda has no choice - haha.  I know this is all true. I love you so much.  Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!

Elder Mason Proctor
Sorry, no pictures this week as my cord is not working for the ipad.