Merīkurisumasu min'na ( メリークリスマス みんな )

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There was a guy putting Christmas lights his roof.  We walked up to him and I asked him if he knew why he was doing that.  He said for fun.  I told him it was for Christ.  I explained the star and all the things he was doing.  He didn't have interest but  it was pretty funny haha.  Our investigator, I-- prayed for us.  It was amazing.  He was saying how he was so thankful for the missionaries being here and he just wants to understand.  It was heartbreaking hearing a 50 year old man sound like a child.  So amazing and he is little by little learning.  We had to split investigators with the new missionaries so we've been doing tons of finding.  I got all the ward letters.  So cool hearing from my hometown.  Sorry that I cant answer individually, I wrote down answers for everyone but I don't have time.  So basically this will answer them all.  Yes, Japanese is hard but it is improving gradually day-by-day.  I decided to go on a mission because I know how everything good in my life has come from Christ's true gospel so I want to tell other people and help them feel the same way.  The food is great.  I just get hungry because sometimes I don't eat that much because of time.  On Sunday we rode our bikes to a members home, an hour there and hour back on or bikes.  He is a rice farmer and has a 200 year old rice mochi maker thing.  We got this huge hammer that was heavy and smashed the rice into mochi.  Apparently Niigata, the prefecture Sanjo is in, has the best rice in Japan.  So best in the world I think.  Its known for being the best in Japan.  You can literally eat it by itself.  Just white rice and it's amazing.  The other day the weather was very bad and we got hailed in the face - a lot this week.  Not good for finding people because no one wants to talk to you as they are getting hit by hail.  Not too fun riding a bike in it either haha.  So we've been housing a lot.  I made my first joke in Japanese when someone turned us down.  It was funny.  Always good to have a good attitude while housing.    I love payday candy bars I learned.  Hint hint.  Probably need to stop eating so much candy though haha.  The mission is great.  The ward Christmas party was fun.  We had to throw it together at the last second because the lady doing it was going to be late so they told us missionaries to do it.  We did it though and it turned out great.  I cannot wait to Skype!!!!  I love your emails.  I love you all!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Mason Proctor
Pounding Rice into Mochi - Heavy Mallet

The Finished Product

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