Three weeks into my mission already but still at the MTC. I feel a little jealous of Taylor, Abby, and Jordan. They only had to stay 2 weeks. I love the Spirit here but the long hours of language and gospel study in a fairly small classroom gets monotonous at times. I just want to be out in Tokyo doing what I have been called to do. This man named Brother Irie talked to us too in a devotional. He was converted in Japan when he was young.  He had to go through so much because his family didn't want him to join the Church.  He knew it was true though.  He spoke Japanese 95% of the time and I understood Everything!!!! Granted he did talk slow and purposely used words that were common but still it was awesome!!! I was emotional because he sung a song about being converted that he wrote afterwards. He sung in both Japanese and English.  People say they hear my accent sometimes.  That's weird.  I like it though.  Texas is the best.  Japanese is going well but getting stressful.  There's so much to learn.  It's like having a school project that has no end and no beginning.  So I have no idea where I should start studying.  It's going well though.  Thanks to all who are writing me and emailing me. It helps soooo much!

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