I am really getting the hang of this MTC thing. Now if I could just figure out how to download my digital pictures from my camera to the completely locked-down MTC computers. My dad is sending me a SD card reader/USB adapter so maybe next post I can put up a picture.  I am studying 8 or more hours a day and learning the gospel in Japanese. We are starting to move away from memorized phrases about missionary related conversations and working more on the various ways Japanese is spoken. There is a formal and casual way to say things. It is such a beautiful language. I seriously miss my family and loved ones. I think about you frequently but have been able to adapt to this new routine of mine. Now, if I could just adapt to this MTC food. At least they have cereal.  I am looking forward to getting out into the field and doing the work with the Japanese people. Until next week, Say┼Źnara.

Proctor Choro (this is Elder Proctor in Japanese FYI)